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Whether you are looking for a builder, a plumber, an electrician, it is important to find a tradesperson that not only can carry out your work. And deliver an excellent service from start to finish. When you find a tradesperson through Approved Trades you know you are going to find one that you can trust.

Why gamble, when you can find the right person for the job. All our tradespeople are required to carry out the very highest of standards of work. All tradespeople are vetted by Approved Trades to ensure they meet the very best standards, are fully qualified and are backed

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How the HIG protects you


Home owners Protection HIG

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Although a home improvement is one of the safest forms of financial investment, there is one pitfall that is often overlooked

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A message from the Approved Trades CEO

We know how our members feel that it is more important than ever to project a professional image and quality service, our job at Approved Trades is to make this is easy and straightforward as possible.

For example, one of their benefits, is the Home Improvements guarantee scheme which immediately saves all members £295.00 as they do not have to register directly with the scheme providers as Approved Trades have a formal arrangement allowing all our members to automatically be accepted for this high level scheme which is in turn been approved by Trading Standards.

With the continual growth and power that Facebook has over the marketing world Approved Trades have now added to our selection of services a social Media package; please email us at info@approvedvedtrades.co.uk for more details, we think it’s incredible value and is a must for any growing business.

Lastly, on behalf of myself and the Approved Trades team, we wish all our members a happy and prosperous 2018.

Richard Bloom

CEO Approved Trades