Call Answering Services


“Never miss a call again”

Try our FREE Introductory Offer of our Virtual Receptionist (details below)

How easy is it really?

Very, very easy. We can have you up and running within a day and you will soon wonder how you ever coped without your friendly, professional Virtual Receptionist.

You really won’t know how much this friendly, professional service will add to your business – UNTIL YOU GIVE IT A TRY.

Whatever the size of your company, Virtual Receptionist will bring back the personal touch to your business.

Contact us to arrange your FREE trial. Call 08000 512121 and quote “Approved Trades”

If you decide not to stay with the service within your first month – you will have nothing more to pay other than any excess handling over the £10 allowance – no other obligations whatsoever.

FREE First Week’s Fee
FREE Setup (worth £50)
FREE Call Answering worth £10*
Quote promo code “Approved Trades”

* Calls above the £10 allowance are chargable.


How does it work?

Calls are diverted to your Virtual Receptionist whenever it suits you – some or all of the time – when you’re in a meeting or away, your line is engaged, or you just need a break.

How do you know enough about my business?

When a call comes in, your details ‘pop up’ on a screen and your VR answers in your company name knowing all about your business. For extra professionalism, you can add daily updates.

How do I receive messages?

We instantly e-mail you with all the call details, which is great if you are at your desk, but for many, an instant SMS and web-based backoffice is equally useful.