Finance for your customers

Customer FinanceWhether you require finance for your customers to purchase your goods or a facility for your business contacts to benefit from, we have everything you need in one simple facility.

Customer Facing Finance

Simply point your customer in the right direction and we will do the rest. Whatever your customers are buying we can provide them with an exceptional range of lenders.
Q: Who are our lenders
A: We search through in excess of 20 High Street and Impaired Credit Lenders
Q: How Can We get our customers to you?
A: Online, Inbound Call and Hot Key
(more options to follow)

Excellent Commissions

Not only do we ensure your customer benefits from the best rates and do all the work, but we pay you for the introduction too!

A Pre-Approved Customer Loan Amount

We will soon have the ability to provide your customers with a pre-approved maxi-mum loan figure. Imagine having customers that can return to you time and time again until they have reached their maximum budget loan figure.