Free Debt Recovery Service

Debt Recovery

No Upfront Fees – No Solicitors Bills – No Catch

Free Debt Recovery UK is a service provided by ComPay UK exclusively for Approved Trade Register members.

FREE late Reminder stickers

These may be the most popular item that Approved Trades offer. They are simple yet effective.

The 7 Day Letter Before Action

Our free to send by email letter before action is effectively the first stage of formal legal Proceedings and will in most cases be sufficient in persuading the debtor to pay any amounts outstanding without the need for you to pay recovery commissions, high upfront debt recovery charges or expensive solicitor fees.

Why Use The 7 Day Letter Before Action?

The letter before action isn’t just a letter you complete yourself each letter will be sent out on ComPay UK letterhead and on your behalf. It’s a no obligation debt recovery letter service.

Free Sign Up For Members

There are no sign up fees to members, simply go to the dedicated web site create your account complete the debtor information form and within 24 hours your debtor will have received the 7 day letter before action.

Free Debt Recovery Service

No Upfront Fees – No Solicitors Bills – No Catch

Free Legal Debt Recovery

By using the late payment of commercial debts legislation and the Statutory Demand process we have achieved over a 95% success rate for undisputed debts. For debts under £1500 you can start legal debt recovery for Free.