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Although a home improvement is one of the safest forms of financial investment, there is one pitfall that is often overlooked

Most contractors give a guarantee on the work they have completed, should you have a reason to contact them in the future regarding faulty workmanship or defective materials.


Guarantees can be for as long as 10 years and a lot can happen to any business in that time. Records show that, unfortunately, thousands of contractors cease trading every year.

If your chosen contractor were to cease trading, for whatever reason, their guarantee would cease as well, leaving you having to pay AGAIN to resolve any problems.

HIG contractors are authorised to provide an Insurance Backed Guarantee to their customers which guarantees their companies guarantee – This means that any bonafide claims under their guarantee will be dealt with by the insurers should they cease trading.

Eliminate the risk Your Deposit Protected – from the start – with our unique ”Scan and Send” Service

HIG can guarantee your deposit before you have even paid the deposit to the contractor!

If the contractor requires a deposit, they just notify us and we will enter the deposit amount requested directly on to a ”LIVE” policy – scan it and email the scanned copy directly to you!

You now have physical proof that your deposit is protected – so you can go ahead and pay the deposit required to the contractor with peace of mind. All policies are ”LIVE” policies and your unique policy number will have already been registered with the insurer by HIG.

This cover lasts for 60 days from the payment of the deposit.