Approved Trades Membership Benefits


What do you get when you join Approved Trades?

You get Exclusivity! We limit the number of Approved Trades licenced members in a specific area. So that you KNOW when you show our logo you stand out from the crowd as a referenced licensed member of Approved Trades adding that addition trust factor and identifying you as an approved and trusted tradesperson.

To make your Approved Trades membership even more valuable, we use post codes to set limits on the number of members we have in any given area. This way you are guaranteed to have a prominent position in your local area as an Approved Trades member.

Instant recognition using our trusted LOGO

Approved TradesDisplaying our trusted Approved Trades logo on your letter headed paper, advertising, social media, vehicles and website will give you the instant recognition of being a trusted, referenced and licensed contractor.

Our Approved Trades member’s value being a referenced and licensed contractor of an organisation with over 40 years’ experience in hunting down the very best benefits that dovetail into a complete package to grow their business.

We don’t just help to save our Approved Trades members money; we give them more work and contracts through our benefits packages and networks to help them grow!

Any leads provided by any of our networks are NEVER charged to our Approved Trades members. Giving you even more value to your Approved Trades membership package.

Our Benefits Explained

If you would like to discuss either of our Approved Trades membership packages and how they can benefit your company or business, do not hesitate to fill out our contact form or alternatively call us on 0208 935 5918 and we will be more than happy discuss them with you in a free no obligation consultation.